Joint Venture Deal Finder

We help you realize your project by finding for a suitable JV partner for you.

JV Deal Finder Agreement

A contract that opens the window for a JV partner to comment and discuss your project.

Site Visits by Potential JV partner

Potential JV partner visiting the project site to know the site and obtain preliminary understanding of the project potential.

Project Appraisal

This usually begins with a site visit to identify the location of the property, accessibility, the availability of infrastructure, the soil type, the terrain and other factors that affect development.

Project Proposal

The JV developer will then come up with proposal for the landowner showcasing the proposed concept, the budget, the revenues and the profit-sharing between the two parties

Legal Due Diligence

When the landowner accepts the developer’s proposal, they are required to avail copies of the land title deed and deed plans for verification by the developer’s advocate.

Signing of JV Agreements

The primary agreement to be signed is JV agreement. However, there may be need to sign other supportive agreements for the benefit of the JV.

Formation of a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) Company

A special purpose company is formed with the aim of fulfilling the objectives of the JVA

Transfer of Land to SPV

The landowner is required to avail the title deed and other relevant documents required for the transfer of the land ownership in favor of the SPV

Why Deal Finder?

We help get you money. By finding a suitable Joint Venture Kenya partner, will help solve your funding issue but also open a door to obtaining huge income upon completion of the project.

  • Cheap source of funding
  • Huge return on completion
  • Improve credibility for future projects

  • Why Deal Finder?
  • JV Negotiations

    We guide you in your negotiations to ensure you discuss all the relevant issues to avoid challenges later once the project has started.

    • We save you time and money
    • We ensure our project does not run into a hitch
    • We ensure you obtain your desired return on investment

  • JV Negotiations
  • Managing JV

    We manage your joint venture relationship to ensure you don’t land into conflict with your partner. We manage this by ensuring that each action serves the best interest of all joint venture parties.

    • Managing information
    • No conflicts between partners
    • No project stoppages.

  • Managing JV
    • Increased Capital Base

      Partners contribute capital into the project in the form of land and/or cash. This is beneficial considering the capital-intensive nature of real estate development.

      Development expertise

      - The developer in a JV provides development expertise in terms of concept development, design and project management; and oversees the project to completion

      Access to market distribution channels

      Partnering with a reputable real estate firm that has been in the market ensures the real estate product reaches its suited market, and thus is able to exit faster either by renting or selling, thus realize returns sooner

      Partial liquidity for landowner without having to sell the entire land

      – In a JV, the land owner can get some cash exit for their land to meet their liquidity needs and also maintain interest in the development

      Preferred Returns

      Landowners should insist on either preferred or guaranteed minimum returns to ensure that in the event that the project does not materialize, they do not lose the value of their land

      Shared risks and gains

      A successful JV generate the expected high returns for both partners

      Build the right business momentum for future success with Joint Venture

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